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Some words from our students...

"In early April 2006 I started learning Gao Style Bagua from my instructor Mr. George Wood. I had no previous experience in Chinese Internal Martial Arts and had not been involved in any formal physical training for at least a decade.  As a senior citizen, my objectives for learning Bagua were:

           A means to reduce the stress of daily 100 mile commutes to work,

           Keep my Cardiologist at bay while preparing for my annual stress EKG,

           Stay with (ahead?) of my grandchildren when they come over to swim, and

           Provide arm-candy for the wife (who takes 4 hours of Tap Dance a week).

All those goals have been met and exceeded.  I've settled on the Saturday afternoon classes (from 1:00 to 4:00 for Xing Yi and Ba Gua).  The time is spent on core strength,  balance and reflexive responses through the practice of stretching, forms and drills.  Additionally, the drills provide immediate feedback; you quickly learn to pay close attention to your partner.  Ba Gua, as an internal martial art, has over a century of development that provides a framework for self-defense. Ranging from simple to extremely complex, the forms are a challenge that with time and practice can be mastered."

- Win Miller

"Let me begin by saying that I have studied martial arts since I was 10 years old. Since 1995 I have studied internal martial arts with the opportunity to train with instructors in Hong Kong and several instructors on the East Coast.

I feel very fortunate to have met Mr. Wood and would like to share some of the reasons why:

  1. Mr. Wood is a very down to earth, approachable instructor, always open to conversations about the art.
  2. The class is taught in a safe, respectful, and relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Mr. Wood has been training intensely for several years and is able to discuss and demonstrate the art very well. His understanding is very deep.
  4. An added bonus is having the opportunity to attend seminars put on by Mr. Luo Dexiu, Mr. Wood's teacher from Taiwan."

- Kalimar Maia

"Practicing Bagua and Xingyi with George Wood at Zong Wu Men has been the best martial arts experience of my life.  George is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and capable practitioner of the art he teaches, and it shows. He is deeply committed to making sure his students understand the theory as well as the practice of the arts. The lessons I've learned there extend well beyond the walls of the school and the form of my body. Practicing Bagua has changed my perception of the world!"

- Josh Leeger

"I have been practicing martial arts off and on since I was 16 and finding a good martial arts school with a knowledgable instructor who can transfer his/her knowledge is difficult to find. In my opinion, instructor George Wood does this very well. He breaks every movement down and shows you the practical applications to the movements that he teaches you as well as the Chinese origins of the movement. He also provides a very informal but respectful atmosphere that encourages questions and development of the martial arts. Overall, I would highly recommend instructor George Wood to anyone willing to learn martial arts."

- Jay Chin

"I became interested in martial arts at a young age and have done several different classes and styles over time.  I have never before attended a class however that met and even exceeded my expectations for training.  Not only have my martial arts skills improved many times over, but my health and well-being is vastly better since attending classes at Zong Wu Men.  The traditional arts taught at Zong Wu Men are very well thought out, and are taught in comprehensive manner which can only serve to benefit anybody who is willing to put in the effort to practice the methods.  In my three years of study at this school I have seen every member of our class gain something different from their exposure to this training.

My own personal goals for this class were:
- to learn a traditional system of highly effective martial arts
- to learn and understand the traditional methods of internal cultivation
- to gain strength and robust health
- to gain fighting ability

All of my goals have been well met within the relatively short time I've been studying at Zong Wu Men, and I'm proud to say that I will continue to develope the knowledge and attributes I have gained from this training for a long time to come."

- Jesse Byrd

" Martial arts have always been a large part of my life. They still are and I particularly like the Chinese arts. I started with just self defense stuff and moved on to Choy Lay Fut and Hop Gar. Did some wing chun, arnis, tai chi and Xing Yi.

When I met George, I was a little skeptical; I know most internal martial arts guys suck. It's just a fact and it's from my experience. He proved me wrong, he was very powerful, extremely adaptive, constantly changing and controlling me, tossing me around like a ragdoll on roller skates. His ability to throw, lock, strike and control is quite amazing. It was fun but embarrassing at the same time.

Since then, I have been only doing Gao Bagua. Sure there are other arts, and other teachers. But George has been nothing but generous and patient with me, sharing what he knows and helping me make sure I "get it". It's been a pleasure and I have to say it "hurts so good". I will be studying this art for many decades to come."

- Allan Tsang



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