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The martial art of Xingyiquan

Background on the art of Xingyiquan

Xingyiquan literally means 'form and intent fist,' thus emphasizing both the body's good structure and movement, as well as the development of the mind in fighting. It is a very direct martial art. In some respects it is more simple than it's sister arts of Baguazhang or Taijiquan. But it has been an exceedingly well respected martial art throughout its history and even into the modern era. It's combat abilities have reputedly been used in battles ranging from the Ming/Qing era through to the Republican era of Chinese history. More recently, it made a huge name for itself in Taiwan and in West through direct application in competition and real combat.

Xingyiquan is known as a direct, hard-hitting style. Although its breadth is not limited to these techniques, it excels in taking and keeping control of the centerline, quick advancing and retreating steps, and some of the most quickly learned internal martial arts techniques. Indeed, in part because its external appearance is so direct and martial, its practitioners often typically develop martial abilities sooner than other internal martial arts practitioners.

Although the art has now come to splinter into a few main lines of transmission, the most common practice methods among the various lineages are that of zhan zhuang (standing practice), wu xing (the five elements - Xingyi's five core fist techniques) and the shi er xing (the twelve animal forms - forms that round out the technical and theoretical basis of the art).

Xingyiquan taught at Zong Wu Men

At Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, we are proud to now be offering separate classes in the art of Xingyiquan. Our line of Xingyiquan comes through the Hebei lineage of Li Cunyi. Li Cunyi became famous at the turn of the 20th century during the Boxer Rebellion, wherein at one point he was seen single handedly dispatching scores of foreign invaders with his broad sword.

Zhang Zhunfeng, the progenitor of our YiZong tradition, trained under Li Cunyi at his school in Tianjin and later brought the art with him to Taiwan. One of his best Xingyi students was Hong Yixiang, who was later responsible for spreading the art far and wide. Hong Yixiang's students went on to teach all over the world, from Europe to the Middle East, in Japan, all over Taiwan, and throughout the United States. One of his most successful students and feared fighters was Luo Dexiu, the teacher of Zong Wu Men's instructor, George Wood.

For more information on classes in Xingyiquan or to schedule a free introductory class, write George Wood today.

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At Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, we teach our lineage of Li Cunyi's Hebei style Xingyiquan, as taught through the YiZong lineage.

You can find our more on our lineage of Xingyiquan and more on George Wood's teacher through this website.



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