Xingyiquan Curriculum at Zong Wu Men


At Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, our training of Xingyiquan is concentrated around a few different areas.

The first, is a combination of methods to orient one towards both the demands of fighting and training in the system. This could include such diverse methods as conditioning exercises, training in standing meditation, footwork drills or qigong methods.

The second area of study is that of the five elements of Xingyi. These are the core of the system. Similar to Boxing, where you might see them research and drill the four strikes of jab, cross, hook, uppercut; in Xingyiquan, there are the five element fists. Each of these is practiced, taken apart, and studied diligently for a long period of time. One will practice the five elements in a strict fashion, in a flowing manner, while emphasizing their respective breathing methods, or while practicing for power. One will also study their variations of application in attack and defense, combinations of the five elements, the use of pad and bag work to train striking with them, and various types of sparring using these five element fists. Just gaining an understanding of Xingyiquan up to this stage can afford one with great ability to use the art in a fighting situation.

Further, there is the study of the twelve animals of Xingyiquan. These bring a further breadth to the system in terms of technique, principle and mind-set. Although a student should and will study all the animal forms of the system, many times one may specialize in one or more animal forms. Whether because this may fit their body type or their mind-set, this can often lead to the development of great skill in their chosen field.

There are also various types of advanced training in the system. One critical aspect of the system is a two person form, An Shen Pao (Stable Body Pounding). This two person form dissects some key applications and principles of the fighting system. There is also weapons training, as well as further forms and training methods in the system.


  • Zhan Zhuang
    • Bao Taiji
    • San Ti Shi
  • Combat Footwork
    • Various footwork methods including half step and chicken step
  • Jiben Shoufa
    • Five basic hand methods for training aspects of the five elements
  • Qigong / Neigong
    • Five Element Qigong
    • Ba Duan Jin
    • Xingyi Neigong
  • Xingyi body movement and conditioning
    • Xingyi conditioning exercises
    • Xingyi body method exercises
  • Wu Xing Quan
    • The five element fists
      • Pi Quan - Splitting fist
      • Zuan Quan - Drilling fist
      • Beng Quan - Crushing fist
      • Pao Quan - Pounding fist
      • Heng Quan - Crossing fist
  • Five Element Linking Forms
    • Five element creation fist
    • Creation / Destruction fist 2 person form
    • Five element advancing and retreating linking form
  • The 12 animal forms
    • 5 tigers
    • Horse
    • Tai Bird
    • Snake
    • Chicken
    • Swallow
    • Dragon
    • Monkey
    • Hawk
    • Alligator
    • Eagle
    • Bear
  • Advanced training
    • An Shen Pao - an important Xingyi 2 person form
    • Weapons
    • Advanced linking forms
    • More

Further advanced training in Xingyiquan will also be available through Luo Dexiu, George Wood's teacher, in his annual summer seminar trips.

Click here for contact information for George Wood.


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