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Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts
School and Sparring Rules

School Rules

Most of the following rules are things that I originally had hoped would not have to be spelled out. After all, I'm teaching grown adults who should understand respect and how to give it. But like many of my teachers and seniors have mentioned to me before, what should normally go unsaid must be said again and again. Please keep the following in mind so that all of us can get the most out of our class time:

  • Salute and/or bow to the instructor at the beginning and ending of class or when you have a question. You should also salute to fellow students before and after partner practice with them.
  • Arrive early to change and warm up before class.
  • If you are late to class, warm up and get changed first, then respectfully wait at the edge of the door to the practice area. When the instructor is ready to have you join in to class, he will signal and salute you to join. Only at this time is it appropriate to "jump in."
  • Treat the lineage, the school, the equipment, any guests, the instructor and fellow students with respect at all times.
  • The weapons belong to students at the school, if they are not yours please do not pick them up and play with them.
  • Attend classes with an attentive, positive and eager to learn attitude. Classes are not the time to be lazy or chat.
  • When the instructor deems it appropriate, you will be given breaks in class for water. Please do not use up valuable class time taking repeated breaks while class is running.
  • During class the instructor will often give you and/or a partner a drill, form, or practice to teach certain lessons and concepts. Keep practicing what you are told to practice until you are given a different task.
  • Do not "teach" your fellow students. There is only one teacher in the class and your fellow students would prefer to hear his thoughts over yours. Furthermore, you should be concentrating on your own performance and not that of stroking your own ego.

Sparring Rules

In addition to the general school rules above, please keep the following in mind as well when doing any of our variety of sparring practices:

  • Bring your sparring gear with you to each and every class.
  • I view the various types of partner practices we do as varying levels of cooperation. We are all here to help each other grow in skills. Cheap shots, going outside the boundaries of whatever "game" we may be playing at the moment, bad attitude and such will all be looked at very poorly.
  • When winning do not gloat, when losing do not make excuses.
  • You are responsible for not only your own safety, but for the safety of everyone and everything in class.
  • If you have an injury, it is your responsibility to notify the instructor and all of your practice partners so that everyone can take appropriate care.
  • Play at the level of intensity requested by the instructor, or at the level that is either appropriate or requested by your partner.
  • Play with a smile!

It is up to all of us to make each and every class a positive training experience for everyone involved.

Training among school brothers and sisters is not the time for egos, there is no winning or losing among us. There should always be a commitment to continual self-improvement and there should always be a commitment to mutual improvement. It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.



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